incorrect date from on-line analyzers

avoid inccorrect measurements from on-line analyzers

The Welker Sample Conditioning System combines three distinct technologies to ensure that your analyzer receives a properly conditioned stream of sample gas, and is protected from any harmful liquid intrusion. Firstly the Joule-Thomson effect* is mitigated by flowing the gas through a heated regulator, maintaining the sample stream above the hydrocarbon dew point. Then the built-in Liquid Eliminator works to shed free liquids back into pipeline to minimize liquid incursions into the analyzer. The integrated Analyzer Liquid Shut-Off acts as an emergency stop in the presence of any remaining liquids. This entire explosion-proof system is integrated into removable, insulated enclosure to simplify installation and maintenance.

*The Joule-Thomson Effect is observed as the cooling of gas undergoing a pressure drop. This can lead to previously vaporised compounds dropping out as condensates.



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