Gas pressure is dropping off in an area of the city you’re living and working in, if it is not fixed that whole area will be left with no natural gas. A field technician discovers one of the pilot controlled regulators has frozen off. This is not good! To fix this problem it’s going to take additional man hours, further monitoring, and could potentialy damage the regulator pilots.

This chaotic situation can be prevented in the future withthis solution

The KSI Heat Exchanger from Pietro Fiorentini can be installed upstream of your pressure cut to eliminate freeze off. The KSI is used to preheat natural gas, and is designed to work as a heat exchanger to utilize hot and superheated water or steam as the working fluid within its completely removable internal tube bundle. Designed to ANSI B16.5 standards, the KSI is fully customizable in terms of design pressure and temperature, and can be delivered with a complete selection of ancillary valve and gauges.

Pietro Fiorentini - Pilot Controlled Regulator

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