Well, maybe not a billion pieces… but there is not a key left on the keyboard, that’s for sure. 

Joe, the natural gas field technician, is in a real pickle.

 “Get a load of this!” He can hear his co-workers yelling back at the office while laughing at Joe’s misfortune.

“Ugh,” he groans.

The dog ate my homework, echoes in his head. But his version of the age old excuse is actually true, he thought, the pipe broke my laptop.

I know, you have questions.

How did the pipe break Joe’s laptop? Well, the problem is simple and complicated all at the same time.


As we mentioned above, Joe is a field technician for a company that provides natural gas to communities in Western Canada. His job on this particular day was to go out to the rural station and do some maintenance work to ensure all of us would be toasty and warm inside our homes.

When he went to test one of the instruments through a computer program, he had no place to safely set his laptop, he then rested it on one of the available pipes and well… I’m sure you can put together what happened next.

The short of it is there is no flat surface within reach to rest your tools, spare parts, or laptop on. Things become complicated when you actually try and work on the instruments inside, and are constantly bending over, reaching, straining, and in Joe’s case trying to balance an expensive device on an unreliable surface.

Imagine if you had a flat surface you could bring with you wherever you went, and use no matter how high or low the workspace. Sounds like a dream right? Wrong. It can be real life.

It’s called Utilitray and for Joe it is a life job saving product.

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