Uuugh not again! For the third time this summer Joe had just gotten the same service ticket with the same issue. Once again a small property on the edge of the network was reporting the smell of gas. Great can’t wait thought Joe! He had already gone over the problem twice before, looking for leaks EVERYWHERE before finding out the odorizer upstream hadn’t been properly set for summer conditions.

He had just been here a couple weeks earlier for the second service ticket, with this same darn issue. The issue was partly due to the high load customer right next to them with wildly varying flows, this was throwing off the ancient injection odorizer. Seems like there was nothing Joe could do to set the system to odorize correctly for good. If only they had an OdorEyes pulse bypass odorizer! That would make things so much simpler!  He’d seen that baby installed at another one of the sites and knew how adaptable and reactive it was to changing flows! Not only that, but it was even capable of being hooked up to the SCADA system, so if he did need to make any changes he could do it from the comfort of his desk- with a fresh cup of mediocre office coffee. Saving time and energy for more complicated issues. That would be the dream!

Unfortunately, he’d be stuck once again driving out a few hours to just to tweak the settings, hopefully, they would be fixed for good this time…Fingers crossed!

*Figure 1 Welker’s EcoSystem- Automatic Bypass System

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