“I don’t understand what’s going on with this plant, they keep sending us wet and dirty gas” a frustrated Mary exclaimed. Each time this happened the process was torturous, the analyzers would go down and report an alarm. Adding to the annoyance this had been happening more frequently lately, and it was always up to Mary’s team to strip down and carefully clean the analyzers to get them back up and running again. It’s crucial that the analyzers are working properly since the quality of the gas entering the pipeline system had to be continously checked for contaminants, the most important being the dreaded H2S!

dirty analyzer 22.jpg

Sick and tired of this same issue occurring time and again, Mary decided to call her friend Joe who has dealt with many similar problems in the past. He is now known as the go-to guy when an issue arises within her network.

Joe rushed over to Mary’s site and they began examining the instrumentation to hunt for potential issues. Once again, they found a sheen of oil and grit inside the analyzer and throughout the tubing of connecting elements. “This can’t keep happening otherwise the analyzer will fail again,” Joe said to Mary. He had seen this issue before and although there wasn’t a quick fix for it, the sensible option was to install a proper filter like the ones made by Shawndra that Joe used at his site. By filtering the gas entering the station, this would prevent the regular buildup of grime inside the analyzer and ensure it continued to monitor the H2S levels without any issues or alarms.

2 Months later

After having an R100™ Shawndra filter installed at Mary’s site everything is running perfectly. The gas is now filtered and clean and the analyzer hasn’t failed since. “I wish I had done this ages ago, it would have saved me so much hassle,” said Mary. Now she knows the secret to a stress-free future at her site is regular filtration.

R100 Shawndra filter.png

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