“So (explicit) annoying” cursed an aggravated Joe. He was so tired of using this ancient mechanical TC Module and it had only been a couple of days.

It’s one of the pains that came along with switching sites and being stuck with using products that are now very out-of-date. This old mechanical Temperature Compensating module was causing many problems at Joe’s site, from being difficult to calibrate and not nearly as accurate as newer electronic indexes.

This is a major setback as readings should be as specific as possible. Another headache with this device is that it’s difficult to test. This makes Joe wonder if he can trust these readings, as it’s hard to know if the index is even providing the correct calculation. The last problem happened following heavy rain, where the inside of this product was leaking water inside, causing it to run slower and have more glitches.

His new site manager is away on vacation for the next two weeks, so new equipment approvals must wait until he returns.

“This is just perfect!” exclaimed Joe. I guess he must make do for the time being.

Attestation TCI 2017.png

Fast Forward 1 Month Later


It has been a week now since the shiny new Honeywell electronic Temperature Compensating Index (TCI) had arrived on site. The difference is like night and day! All the issues Joe had with the old mechanical module have disappeared. The readings are extremely accurate and easy to read on the LCD screen. As well this model has a 7-year seal period (a lengthened verification period is imminent in the foreseeable future) and boasts a 20-year nominal battery life.


 CLICK HERE for more details on Honeywell’s TCI’s

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