For those of you who are involved in gas sampling and protecting your analyzers-WE HAVE A SOLUTION! It’s also Joe approved to get the job done- for good!

As you are aware, delivering a representative sample to the analyzer is critical!  This means the sample conditioning system is as important as the analyzer itself!

Welker has an impressive system that is precise, reliable and a cost-effective answer to this challenge – The SCHS, otherwise known as the Sample Conditioning Heating System. Here’s what it’s got to offer:

  1. The system is precise, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it, it must deliver the representative sample from the flowing pipeline to the analyzer without ANY change in composition.
  2. The system is reliable and able to deal with the upset environments that can happen occasionally, without downtime or sample contamination.
  3. The system is cost effective so that it can be used for all analytical sampling applications.

The Result…CLICK HERE to find out how exactly the SCHS works!

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