Joe and his buddy Daryl have been using Elster RVG and IRM gas meters for ages (yikes over 15 years now) and they have always done the job exceptionally well. There are, however, certain characteristics of one product that Joe preferred, for example on the RVG, the easy access to the oil chamber from the front face of the meter allowed for quick and easy maintenance. While Daryl liked how the IRM had an index on the front cover that supports either vertical or horizontal installation positions and had an overall compact device size.

Word on the sites was that there is now a new and improved model on the market, the RABO!

This new product by Honeywell Elster is said to have combined certified product features of their RVG and IRM rotary meter product lines, with new developments into a single product. This was an exciting day!

Joe and Daryl can’t wait to get their hands on one of those RABO’s and test it out. They are placing an order as soon as we speak. Stay tuned to find out if the RABO was as Rockin’ as the reviews seem to be.

Find out more about the RABO here!

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