Do you hear that noise from the bay on the other side?” Daryl asked his colleague Mary.

No, not really, what noise?” Mary questioned.

Sweet, that’s exactly what we want!” Daryl exclaimed.

He and his design team were testing out how well the DB 819 silencer by Pietro Fiorentini could reduce the noise which is normally created by a regulator as it cuts pressure in a gate station.

Just as it had several times in the past, the DB 819 was working perfectly, and Daryl was hoping to use one just like this for an upcoming overhaul project where noise attenuation was a concern.

The only problem was the question of whether there was enough room on site to accommodate the DB 819. There was very limited space to work with on site, and Daryl was worried that his beloved DB 819 may not fit!

Rick, the shop Foreman, happened to be walking by as Mary and Daryl were debating their options and offered up some advice; “Have you guys heard of the new LDB 171 model of silencer?” He asked.

Daryl and Mary glanced at each other, then both shook their heads.

It’s a new silencer from Pietro Fiorentini which reduces noise without making the regulator any larger.” Rick explained, “It’s basically an insert that slips inside the valve body, so you might be able to fit this in on your site.

Really? Why am I only hearing about this now!?” Daryl lamented.

As Rick continued on his way, he gave one further piece of advice “Just keep in mind that the LDB 171 provides about half the noise reduction of the DB 819, so it’s a trade-off between size and noise attenuation.

Mary watched as Rick disappeared around the corner, then looked back to Daryl scrawling on his notepad.

Hmmm… half the noise reduction ability of the DB 819…I think that could work!” Daryl thought out loud, then looked at Mary with a grin. “Better call Foothills, we need to try out one of those LDB 171’s!

 LDB 171.png

What is a Silencer?

A silencer is an accessory that can be added to a pressure regulating valve in order to reduce the noise which is normally created at the point of pressure reduction. The modularity of Pietro Fiorentini accessories means that they can be added or removed at any time during the life of the product.

The LDB 171 Light Silencer

The LDB 171 works by reducing the noise that is created in the pressure regulator during the lamination process. It owes its efficiency to the fact that the noise reduction occurs at the same point where it is generated, thus preventing its proliferation.

LBD 171 or DB 819?

As you can see in the below chart, the new LDB 171 reduces noise by up to 15 dBA, and only reduces the valve capacity by up to 5%. The traditional DB 819 allows for a noise reduction of up to 30 dBA with a mere 5% reduction in capacity as well. However, the LDB 171 can be installed without increasing the size of the regulator.  When determining which regulator silencer to use it’s important to consider how much noise reduction is required and how much space is available for a specific location or operation.

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