Rick was stuck in a tough spot; his team was overwhelmed with work and he could use some extra help, but unfortunately there wasn’t any money in the budget to hire new staff.

Not only were they being worked to the bone with station overhauls, new construction projects, and annual maintenance inspections, but what was really killing their productivity was the hours of windshield time required to cover their vast territory.

Rick and his team were responsible for the operations and maintenance of a large pipeline network across Western Canada. Some of the installations the team had to visit were extremely remote, and none more so than the cathodic protection rectifiers and test stations.

Some sites were so remote that a technician could spend an entire day on the road just to check one rectifier. This was exacerbating the budget issues due to the increasing amounts of overtime being worked.

One beautiful spring day, Rick was having lunch with his old friend Joe who had just recently been promoted to Senior Western District Manager.

“I’m sure you know how it is, right Joe? My guys have better things to do than being on the road all day, and all this overtime we’re paying out is killing us!” Rick grumbled, “If only there were a way to check these rectifiers and test stations remotely…”

Joe chuckled, “Yeah I sure do know how it is, but I think I might know a way to help you out here. Have you ever heard of OmniMetrix?” he asked. Rick shook his head as he swallowed a mouthful of his lunch.

“OmniMetrix offers a suite of products that can be used to remotely monitor and control all your rectifiers and test stations, and it’s all done through their simple OmniView web interface.” Joe leaned in and continued with a grin, “What I’m saying is, it’s so simple even you could use it, Rick!”

They both shared a laugh and continued with their lunch. “Thanks Joe,” Rick exclaimed, “That does sound like something I’ll have to check out!”

Fast Forward ~ 1 Year Later

Rick and Joe were eating lunch together once again and Rick suddenly realized the significance of the date.

“Do you know it was exactly a year ago that you told me about OmniMetrix?” Rick asked.

“Has it been that long already? Wow how time flies…” Joe responded, “So how is it working out for you anyway?”

“It’s been fantastic actually,” Rick explained, “We’ve cut our windshield time for cathodic projects by 80%, which has helped us save on overtime and freed up my staff to work on other projects. So needless to say, the powers that be are incredibly pleased and I am too! Of course, I had to justify the increased capital expense up front, but now it’s paying off big time! And…” Rick trailed off with a smile.

“And?” Joe asked, hanging off Ricks last word.

“It’s so simple, even I can use it!”




Cathodic Protection – A technique used to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell. In the context of natural gas pipelines, a small electrical current is imparted to the pipe to prevent corrosion.

Market – Useful for the pipeline industry where it is imperative to maintain the integrity of the pipe which contains material flammable under immense pressure.

Product Knowledge

OmniMetrix’s TrueShield™ suite of remote monitoring and control products allows a user to connect to rectifiers and test stations instantly from anywhere in the world. By using the web-based OmniView platform, a user can access real-time and historical information on any connected installations from a single rectifier or test station to an entire fleet.

Patriot Test Station Monitor– a self-contained wireless remote monitoring unit for test stations. Complies with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFL) that requires regular measurements of the corrosion protection (CP) system. The Patriot uses a two-coupon system along with a permanent reference electrode to take these measurements and transmit them wirelessly to OmniView.

Patriot Test Station Monitor- OmniMetrix.jpg

Hero Rectifier Monitor-a self-contained wireless remote monitoring unit for corrosion protection (CP) applications. The Hero performs measurements automatically and transmits them wirelessly to OmniView, the secure web-based data management center.

Hero Rectifier Monitor.jpg

Unique Features

StormSense– an innovative feature that monitors the atmosphere for lightning activity. If a storm is detected, the product can power down for self-preservation, reducing the risk of lightning damage. After a period, it will once again turn on to measure potential risk and remain powered on if the issue has ceased, or turn off once again if there is still a considerable risk.

OmniUpdate– a patented technology that performs remote software updates automatically, ensuring the latest version of firmware is running.

GPS Interruption– synchronized rectifier interruption.

Instant alarm notification via email and/or text messaging.

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