“I’m not feeling too great today.” Daryl moaned to himself. He was quite nauseous and this was, unfortunately, the time when he typically clocked four-five days on the road. This is going to be a long couple of days! Hopefully, this horrible feeling passes.

Daryl works at a medium-sized utility company in Alberta where he oversees Calgary South. His organization uses EC350s, ERX’s and Mini AT’s, every month he must drive to each site and download the devices.

Might as well get this started he thought, these devices aren’t going to download themselves. He popped a non-drowsy Gravol and got started on his trek.

Two hours later, he arrives at his first site. Upon arrival, he notices the alarms were set off, this means a potential issue had been observed since the last time he was here. He investigates the area and notices the EC 350’s are using a higher pressure than normal to flow through the correctors. With the touch of a couple buttons it’s fixed and a half hour later all the downloads are complete on the various device. He crosses the site off his list and begins his journey to the next one.

I’m getting too old for all this driving Daryl thought to himself. At least he was feeling better but the driving was still tiresome. It would also be nice to know exactly when an issuing is starting, that way we aren’t wasting resources. He had heard other utility companies were using data collection systems, that allowed remote monitoring and saved them hundreds of hours on the road. That would be nice, my company really should be keeping up with the times.

Aggravated he decides to call up his boss right away before he forgot, anyway he had some extra time on his drive. “Hey Rick, have you ever thought about installing a data collection system? It sure would save me a ton of time on the road, I’m sick of all this driving!” Daryl pleaded.

“Daryl, yes I have thought about doing a system like that before but unfortunately we don’t have the resources right now. While we don’t have the budget to create our own data collection, I have heard of another option a system called TDS that might be a better fit for our organization. It allows us to have access to a best in class security and IT infrastructure, for a more affordable cost of a monthly subscription. Also, the information provided is in real time and we can have the system notify us of an issue right away, which I know concerned you before.” Rick responded.

“That sounds like an even better option Rick, we should definitely give it a go!” a now more calm and peaceful Daryl exclaimed. Finally, all this time on the road would hopefully come to an end!

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What You Need to Know

TDS- Total Data Services– utilizes Honeywell’s meter data management and smart metering technologies in a state-of-the-art web-based ebusiness and energy management platform. TDS offers interval meter data (load profile) and optional device alarms and gas system pressure data, directly to your desktop through a secure, customization web portal.


Value Added 

  1. Saves time from tedious driving to various sites. With TDS, you will have access to your data anytime and anywhere.
  2. Saves upfront investment costs since you’re not creating IT infrastructure, instead, its’s an affordable continued investment.
  3. Provides convenience of having access to real-time reporting and historical information at your fingertips at any location.
  4. Compatible with various devices from EC 350’s, Mini AT’s, Mini Max’s and ERX’s. Requires a CNI2 modem or landline to connect with the TDS system.
  5. Offers best in class security and IT infrastructure, incorporates backup redundancy.
  6. Can create comparison graphs, charts, and other visual elements that can be exported for reporting.
  7. Improve efficiencies by identifying abnormal energy usage.
  8. Alarms can provide real-time notifications of a potential issue right away by SMS, email, or fax.

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