The Q.Sonic gas meter by Elster Instromet has been around for a few years but has recently been added to our repertoire (since the acquisition of Elster to Honeywell) and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This gas meter is truly exceptional and has the ability to greatly improve customer experience with ease of use and masterful precision. Elster is a known leader in ultrasonic flow metering with over 30 years of industry experience.

What is an Ultrasonic Gas Meter?

Ultrasonic gas meters- are electronic measuring devices without mechanical moving parts. They are characterized by immediate response to flow changes and no pressure loss. These meters are suitable for calibration measurement of natural gas with a wide range of both combustible and non-combustible meters.

Q.Sonic plus.png

Since Accuracy is Key When Measuring Gas, the Q.Sonic is Superior

The Q.Sonicplus is the first six-path meter on the market, this upgraded design boasts increased functionality, greater processing power with unbeatable accuracy. The precision of this meter is partly defined by the patented six-path configuration that consists of: 4 Swirl (double reflective) combined with 2 Axial (single reflective). The combination of both flow types ensures the ultrasonic sound waves are masterly computed to the highest degree possible.

Axial and Swirl paths.png


* This image reveals the more path configurations, the higher the accuracy of measurement provided.

Other factors, such as advanced ultrasonic sensors and digital signal processing, allow the Q.Sonic to maintain high caliber stability within the industry for long-term.

Easy to Maintain

– Transducers in the device are single elements and can be changed individually, if necessary. Other competitors require transducers to be switched out together in their respective pairs.

– There are no moving parts on the device, leading to less wear and tear.

– The Q.Sonicplus uses similar electronic boards to most Honeywell gas products, providing a common platform for engineering, installation, and maintenance across the metering collection.

Design Specs

  • Bore body was designed precisely for accuracy.
  • Full graphic touch screen.

touch screen.png

  • Huge storage capacity (up to 16GB).
  • Meter body sizes: 3”, 4”, 8”, 20”, and larger available through custom order.
  • No pressure drop.
  • Flameproof/explosion proof design.
  • Sealable cover to protect boards and calibration switches.
  • Highly efficient and safe operating system called ‘Integrity’ by Greenhills Software.
  • Compatible with a VDSL- an external range extender, provides further convenience.
  • A sealable cover to protect the boards and calibration switches.
  • High stability provided by digital signal processing (CMB).


Q.Sonic plus 2.png


Overall, the Q.Sonicplus provides endless benefits to the customer, from easy maintenance, superior accuracy, and an advanced technical design that will surely stand the test of time.

* The Q.Sonicplus is currently pending approvals with both CSA and Measurement Canada.



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