This real-time natural gas analyzer is an innovative gas measuring device that specializes in gas quality. The quality of gas is very important to measure for many applications, many of which require instant notification of changes to avoid potential issues. Gas turbines are one example of a highly sensitive engine that requires gas parameters to be perfectly regulated to run smoothly.

The following is a list of all the applications the Elster GasLab can be used for:

  • Fiscal metering
  • Gas turbine control for power plants
  • Burner control
  • Biogas
  • Gas blending

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One major benefit to using this device is that it does not require carrier and mixed calibration gases or even combustion air supply. Without the need for these expensive gases, significant cost savings will be seen for the end user. Only a small amount of purified methane is needed for the GasLab to complete necessary scheduled calibration.

The analyzer has the capacity to determine the calorific value, Wobbe Index and other parameters in natural gas.

The calorific value of a fuel is the quantity of heat produced by its combustion, at a constant pressure and under normal conditions. The combustion process generates water vapour and with the help of certain techniques can recover the quantity of heat contained in the water vapour by condensing it. Higher calorific value means the water of combustion is entirely condensed and the heat contained in the water vapor is recovered; lower calorific value means the opposite, that the water vapor is not recovered (The Engineering Toolbox, 2017).

The Wobbe Index is an indicator of the interchange ability of fuel gas and is the best indicator of similarity between natural gas and a specific propane-air mixture (The Engineering Toolbox, 2017).

A summary of the major benefits and features of the GasLab include:

  • Fast at measuring BTU for necessary applications. BTU- British Thermal Unit is the heat measurement for energy.
  • Offers cost savings with no need for carrier and calibration gases.
  • Provides calorific value, Wobbe Index and other essential parameters.
  • Less downtime for gas turbine installations.
  • More energy efficient turbine control because of quick response.
  • Low investment and maintenance costs.
  • Less off-spec gas for blending stations.
  • Cleaner burner regulation.
  • Optimized emission of processes.
  • Better product quality control.

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If you are looking for a simple and low maintenance analyzer to quickly and accurately measure gas quality – this is the product for you!

For the product specs click here.

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