There’s a reason why those two words rhyme!

Following our recent Press Release, we are excited to now be representing Heise, a subsidiary of Ashcroft Inc., that specializes in high precision instrumentation devices for pressure and test calibration.

The PTE-2 Handheld Calibrator is one of the top selling devices within the natural gas industry. Designed to precisely measure pressure, temperature, voltage or even current, it has a lot of exciting benefits to offer.


Some impressive features include the capability to display two independent pressure or temperature measurements, and one electrical measurement simultaneously, all while logging audit-trial data into the device’s internal memory. This data can also be uploaded to a laptop directly through a USB connection. Pressure and temperature modules are easily interchangeable, and can quickly be “hot-swapped” in and out of the base unit with minimal effort, even when the system is powered on. The pressure modules can cover ranges from 0.25 inches H2O through 10,000 psi, and Heise also offers an intrinsically safe version available for hazardous locations.



  • Rugged
  • User friendly
  • Optional safety approvals (FM, ATEX, CSA)
  • Onboard 24Vdc loop power supply (non-intrinsically safe version)
  • IP65/ NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Programmable damping
  • Switch test function
  • Percent error function
  • Min/max recall
  • Push-button zero adjust
  • Tare function
  • Hot-swap capability

PTE-2 modules.png


  • A reliable device you can count on to provide accurate readings every time.
  • Durable design that can withstand some knocks and tumbles often caused by “butterfingers” we all get at times.
  • User programmable- can be personalized with your name, date and time, custom engineering units, and H2O temperature for water.
  • Peace of mind to complete tasks with ease, with the help of data logging, USB interface, SD memory card slot, 180-degree flip screen, and large backlit display screen.
  • 13 Engineering units of measure because who really likes converting units?


Appropriate Markets

  • Natural Gas Transmission/transfer of custody.
  • Medical sterilizers
  • Mobile calibration services
  • Metrology labs
  • Clean room maintenance
  • Anywhere accurate pressure measurement is required.

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