Analytical Measurement

Can we help you measure the quality of gas and liquids?

Arcco Instrument Company

The first commercial available high pressure Pycnometers were manufactured by Arcco in 1971, and are still today almost 40 years later Arcco still leads the industry in providing full prover service that includes everything you normally need for proving density meters per the latest edition of API Chapter 14.6.

Arcco products:

  • Gas Density Measurement
  • Gas Density Meter Provers
  • Gas Sampling

Honeywell Mercury Instruments

Honeywell Mercury Instruments, Inc., sets the standard for innovation in the design and manufacture of precision instruments for the natural gas industry. Pressure recorders, temperature recorders, volume recorders, volume correctors and battery-operated chart drives from Mercury Instruments are so accurate they have become the standard of the industry.

Honeywell Mercury products:

  • Pressure Measurement
  • Load Study Measurement
  • Differential Pressure Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement

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Pietro Fiorentini

Pietro Fiorentini is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of components and systems for the oil and natural gas industries. For over 60 years, Pietro Fiorentini regulators have become the standard for many of the world’s largest gas companies.

Pietro Fiorentini is also engaged in the engineering, design and construction of turn-key pressure control and metering stations that have been installed in countries throughout the world. Pietro Fiorentini’s strategy is focused on the research and development of increasingly innovative products, manufactured at the highest levels of quality.  

Pietro Fiorentini products:

  • Turn Key Meter Stations

Pietro Fiorentini
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Welker Engineering

Welker has come to be recognized as a world leader in quality and innovative equipment for the oil and natural gas industry. Welker has set the standard in the sampling industry for more than 50 years. As their 72 patents demonstrate, Welker has been established as an industrious business, continually engineering new designs and successfully improving traditional designs that meet our high standards.

Welker products, from sampling systems to control valves, filtration equipment, instrumentation, chemical injection systems and corrosion monitoring equipment, are unique in the industry in that they are customized for each specific application.

Welker products:

  • Sample condition systems
  • Sample cylinders
  • Standard and retractable probes

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