Operational Products

Operational Products

Foothills Industrial Products has a wide selection of products for your Operational Needs.

Pietro Fiorentini
Pietro Fiorentini is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of components and systems for the oil and natural gas industries.  >more

Specializing in the manufacture of custom odorization systems for the petroleum and natural gas industry for over 20 years.  >more

Shawndra Products™
For more than thirty years Shawndra Products™, Inc., the makers of Sparks Filters™ has made air and gas filters and filter-vessels for critical industrial applications.  >more

Samuel Pressure Vessel Group (SPVG)
Samuel, Son & Co., Limited offers end-to-end solutions in the distribution, transportation, processing and manufacturing of metals and industrial products. >more

Welker Engineering
Welker has set the standard in the sampling industry for more than 50 years. >more

Blackburn Sampling
Blackburn Sampling, a leader in liquid sampling for environmental and hazardous applications. >more

Metal Goods Manufacturing
For over five decades, MGM has enjoyed an envied position of leadership in the design and manufacturing of laboratory test equipment, fittings, check valves and tank gauges. >more