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Regulators & Controls

Pressure control and flow control are key elements in the safe and reliable distribution of natural gas. Foothills Industrial Products, along with our represented manufacturers each have greater than 50 years in this area, and can offer you solutions based experience.

Pietro Fiorentini

Pietro Fiorentini is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of components and systems for the oil and natural gas industries. For over 60 years, Pietro Fiorentini regulators have become the standard for many of the world’s largest gas companies.

Pietro Fiorentini is also engaged in the engineering, design and construction of turn-key pressure control and metering stations that have been installed in countries throughout the world. Pietro Fiorentini’s strategy is focused on the research and development of increasingly innovative products, manufactured at the highest levels of quality.  

Pietro Fiorentini products:

  • High Pressure Regulators
  • Intermediate Pressure Regulators
  • Low Pressure Regulators
  • Commercial Service Regulators
  • Industrial Regulators
  • PFM Regulators
  • Fixed Factor Regulators
  • Measurement Canada Approved Regulators
  • Boot Style Regulators
  • Seat and Plug Style Regulators
  • Integral Work and Monitor
  • Modular Pressure Control Systems
  • Control Valves
  • Governors
  • Domestic Regulators

Pietro Fiorentini
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