Data Analysts

Total Data Services

In the measurement world, the end goal is DATA! Instrumentation in used in a wide variety of applications to provide the base measurement, while communication devices transmit this data via phone line, cellular, radio or satellite lines to a host software that interprets raw data and ultimately presents it in a format for a multitude of uses.

In coordination with Mercury Instruments, FIP Service can short cut this equation by cutting straight to the data. From measurement points within your system, FIP Service will coordinate the transmission of data to the Mercury TDS Secure Data Warehouse, where the data is consolidated and formatted in the presentation form required, then posted on a secure website or an internal secure intranet location where it can be viewed, downloaded or further transmitted throughout an internal network.

Alarms are also handled in real time by providing notification of events which occur at remote sites being monitored by FIP/TDS on devices of all types, whether they are data loggers or flow computers. The proper personnel are notified via SMS, email, pager or fax.

This service eliminates the need for host communication software and consolidates the total data service into a small monthly service charge that includes the cost of communication and data handling.

FIP Service also offers the ability to take this formula one step further by offering all Mercury remote units at no cost! FIP Service will provide the appropriate Mercury product for an application, including a communication device, and provide the data for a small monthly service charge. If an operational problem occurs with any product or communication system, FIP Service is here to trouble shoot the application and/or replace the product at no charge during the contract period.