Déjà vu All Over Again

The Welker OdorEyes EcoSystems Automatic Bypass Odorizer has no pump to fail, and only a few moving parts, all of which are found on the sweet gas side of the system. This design requires less maintenance on the system and creates environmentally clean odorization. The pulse bypass system can operate accurately down to very low flows and will never vapor lock! With this system, the odorant is vaporized before co-mingling with the gas which allows it to bond more effectively than when injecting odorant in a liquid form.

The Welker system is made specifically for locations with regulated pressure drops in natural gas pipelines. Every system is uniquely configured for flow rates and pressure ratings of that specific site. For example, during use in colder climates a heated enclosure is applicable.

What sets this system apart is a few important factors:  Firstly, creating properly odorized natural gas in pipelines by ensuring that odorant is delivered proportional to flow. The second, as previously mentioned, is that our system provides environmentally clean odorization. This is possible as the system has only a few moving parts, is a closed loop with no bleed or pump discharge/recharge requirement, and still provides feedback for verification, records, and alarms.

The positioning of the odorization tank downstream of the mechanical parts means that important operating components remain odorant-free, making any maintenance work easier and without the stink (all of our technician friends know exactly what we’re talking about!). The final factor is that the Ecosystem allows monitoring of the odorization process easily and conveniently by using Ethernet, Modbus, or modem communications. This means you can monitor odorant operations and levels with ease at any location- gas control, office, or even from home! Who wouldn’t want this feature?

* Figure: The process of the system.

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