Versatility is key with the Axial Flow Valve

The unique design of the Axial Flow Valve incorporates many features vital to an optimum of satisfactory operations and at the same time is simple to maintain and more compact than any other equivalent regulator. The “V”-port radial slots in the valve cage provides an equal percentage valve characteristic and a wide and stable control range. Furthermore, the noise level of this design is considerably reduced compared to conventional units. The preloaded rubber sleeve is the only moving part, expanding around the complete circumference of two tapered stainless-steel valve cage sections which are provided with radial slots. The sleeve has the function of the conventional “seat: type regulator. Lifting of the sleeve regulates the gas flow.

The Axial Flow Valve can be installed in any position and can be easily bolted between two flanges. The short construction length can result in a smaller pressure reducer station without loss of control accuracy. The Axial Flow Valve can easily be removed from the gas line and compromise only a few components. The entire regulator can be disassembled by removing one bolt. No special tools or techniques are required.

Axial Flow Valve Features

  • Simple and unique design
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Streamline path for quiet operation
  • Sized from DN 50 through DN300
  • Temperature range -20 C to +60 C
  • Pilot operated
  • Minimal spares
  • Low noise

Application options include: Pressure reduction, relief valve, pressure reduction/monitor combination, two stage pressure reduction with monitor override, and flow control.