Precision and reliability with the CC, CM, and CMM Precision Pressure Gauges

Heise Precision Pressure Gauges have continually set the quality standard by which all other pressure gauges are measured. The unwritten standards of excellence have been set by craftsmen, who are Heise’s single key to success.

The Heise precision pressure gauge’s come in 3 models: The Model CC 300 dial arc, the Model CCM 350 dial arc, and the Model CMM 660 dial arc. The dial has a polished mirror band for pointer reflection to prevent parallax error. Pointer is a balanced-friction adjustable design with red knife edge tip for easy reading.

The standard Heise Precision Pressure Gauge case style features a solid-front aluminum case with a hinged ring.

CC, CM, CMM Precise Pressure Gauge Features

  • Custom scales/units of measure
  • Thermal compensation (maintains 0.1% accuracy from –25 to +125°F)
  • Slotted link (protects movement during sudden pressure release)
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • Peak load indicator(CC & CM only)
  • Dual scale dial (CC & CM only)
  • Compound, vacuum and absolute ranges – requires manual barometric compensation (CM only)

CC, CM, CMM Precise Pressure Gauge Specifications

Technical data
Dial Size
6 (CC only), 8 1⁄2,˝ 12,˝ 16˝
Cast aluminum, solid front. Blow out rear cover. Integral panel mounting flange
Black figures on white, high resolution with mirror band
Knife edge pointer to eliminate parallax errors
Bourdon Tube
Bleeder tipped for easy flushing or purging
Socket Connections
1⁄4 NPT Female – Back Connect
Autoclave F250-C (Aminco 45-11310) – Back Connect
Available in Gauge, Compound (CMM only), Vacuum and Absolute – requires manual barometric compensation (CMM only)
±0.02% F.S.
±0.1% F.S.
Total Accuracy
±0.1% F.S. Includes Certificate of NIST traceability