Accuracy and reliability with Coliwasa Semi-Solid Samplers

The Coliwasa Semi-Solid Sampler is a powerful tool that extracts semi-solid and high viscosity materials. This sampler works like large heavy duty syringe. The tube is made of unbreakable polypropylene and is resistant to most chemcials and acids. It has a bottom cap to secure the samples for short time. The piston of the sampler makes removing the sample easier and more complete.

Samplers comply with EPA regulations and methods. Each patented, contamination-free Coliwasa (9/16″ or 1″ dia.) has a 2″ stick-out on bottom for ready-fill sampling of viscous liquids and semi-liquids. Made of translucent, unmodified polypropylene for superior chemical resistance. Resists acids, alkalis, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, ketones, aldehydes, esters, oxidizers and glycols.

The sampler itself can serve as a sample container for non hazardous samples to eliminate the mess and inconvenience of sample transfer. Teflon® Coupler Set allows you to combine any two of the five 1″ I. D. Coliwasa type together to increase sampler length.

Coliwasa Semi-Solid Sampler Specifications

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Coliwasa Semi-Solid Sampler
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