Sometimes Things Just Work

Good News For Joe

The station that Joe is over the moon about for the regulators three year performance, is using Pietro Fiorentini’s Aperflux 851 pressure regulators. This type of regulator is a classic fail-open boot-style regulator, but with a larger capacity and turn-down ratio than most (500:1). With the ability to regulate from 1250 psi transmission pressure to as low as 7 psi in a single cut, it is the ideal regulator for standard city gate distribution loads.  The standard worker and monitor configuration were set up with pilot filters to eliminate any liquids or particulates from entering the pilot, and thus prevented failure with the line heater down and the liquids event last spring.

The upcoming station that Joe will start commissioning next week will be using another top performing regulator by Pietro Fiorentini- The Reflux 819. The Reflux 819 is the premiere regulator of the Pietro Fiorentini suite. Its two-path, seat-and-plug design makes it more robust than a boot-style regulator, and is suitable for any flow profile. Able to accept a 1450 psi transmission inlet, and with its 1000:1 turn-down ratio it can handle any application from city gate, industrial on/off customers, and due to its reliability, it is the preferred choice for fuel gas supply to power plants. The Reflux 819 is a fail-closed regulator, however there is a fail-open version available as well, the Reflux 819/FO.

Pietro Fiorentini regulators also have a unique modular design, that allows the addition of the monitor regulator on the same body, or the inclusion of a slam shut valve on the same body.  Even more interestingly is the ability to install one of these modular devices on the original regulator in the field, at a time beyond the original install.  This is especially helpful if environmental considerations dictate the use of an over pressure safety slam shut valves rather than the use of a relief valve!

Who doesn’t want more bang for their buck, right?

Pietro Fiorentini regulators reduce your overall operating cost with longer maintenance cycles and solid reliability!

For further questions, we would be happy to get in touch with you!