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What is the Honeywell TCI?

The Honeywell Temperature Compensating Index (TCI) is a self-contained battery operated electronic interface module. The unit compensates for the thermal characteristics of volume for constant pressure gas in real time and records this information to a secure audit trail. The device also displays total compensated and uncompensated volume, flow rates, serial numbers, and remaining battery life, which can be viewed with a push button.

The TCI easily attaches to rotary meters and provides three pulse outputs channels for AMR connections. This rugged, reliable and exceptionally accurate index is an optimal replacement for mechanical and less reliable electronic modules. A great feature is available where AMR modules of users’ choice, can be pre-installed to reduce costs and improve reliability. This unit has long term stability and an extended battery life of 20 years, in turn increasing efficiency and minimizing operating expenses.

What Makes This One Different? 

This Honeywell TCI can be easily connected with Romet, Itron, Sensus, Aclara, Cellnet and other AMR devices. The design has a watertight connection, so the issue Joe experienced of water pooling inside the TCI is highly unlikely. In fact, it passed an immersion test successfully by withstanding 72 hours submerged in one meter of water and still fully functioned afterward. It also contains a removable backup memory module with 90 days’ backup, in the case of failure. The total accuracy of this device is an impressive +/- 0.25%.

Attestation for a lengthened verification period is imminent as Measurement Canada is now conducting extensive instrumentation testing to measure the accuracy of Honeywell TCI’s. The current seal period for this module is 7 years and will likely be extended a few years longer, leading to a decrease in field unit cycling.

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