Welker- Sample Conditioning Heated System

What exactly is the Welker® SCHS Sample Conditioning Heated System?

The overall function of this unit is to accurately condition a flowing gas stream (by managing pressure and temperature) and to protect the analyzer from liquids.

This three stage unit also known as a “Charlie Horse” is composed of a 3 Stage Protection System.

3 Stage Protection System:

Stage 1: Liquid Eliminating Probe– utilizes an integrated liquid and sediment filtration to properly condition gas for the analyzer.

Stage 2Heated Regulator– accurate sample heat retention before the point of regulation to mitigate the Joule-Thomson effect* and prevents the gas composition from being altered.

Stage 3: Automatic Liquid Shut-Off- Contains a ball, where in the presence of liquid shuts off the system for analyzer preservation.

These 3 components can be sold separately or together as one exceptional unit.

* Joule-Thomson Effect– is the temperature change of a real gas or liquid, when it is forced through a valve or porous plug while kept insulated so no heat is exchanged with the environment.

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